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Margie Casey

Bought a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $350K in Wadeview Park, Orlando, FL.

Rating: 5/5
Local knowledge:
Process expertise:
Negotiating skills:

I’m so thankful we had Margie representing us. The negotiations were stressful and we thought the deal would fall apart on several occasions but we really wanted the home for the price we could afford. ... [Full review on Zillow]

Margie Casey

I have met Margie Casey online and she has consistently sent me information as I have requested and has become such a wonderful resource. She not only just asks questions as a real estate professional but she also asks you about your likes dislikes and gets to know you as a person. That becomes critical as she will help you find the best fit for what youare looking for. She is a wonderful, delightful person and easy to talk to. Anyone who uses her will be thrilled because she doesn't just do her job it is a passion she shares with you. 

- Linda Gibson
Margie Casey

Quality, unbiased, client-centered service.

- Mark Kranich
Margie Casey

Met Margie in her work in analyzing and researching communitiesin the Southeast US for her compnay. I was very impressed with herprofessionalism and prowess in this field. Would recommend her tofriends.

- Frank Weed
Margie Casey

Margie combines skillful analysis with excellent communicationskills. She has outstanding insights into real estate in general andleisure residential communities specifically, and she can be reliedon to share her astute observations of the industry openly andgenerously. She is the best kind of colleague.

- Larry Gavrich
Margie Casey

Wonderful to work with. Very professional

- Todd McDaniel
Margie Casey

Margie is a tireless worker who understands the secondhome/vacation home/retirement home market in the SoutheasternUnited States very well. She understands the buyers' needs andconcerns and how to match up those needs with the appropriatecommunities.

- Sunset Falls at Bald Creek
Margie Casey

Margie worked as a marketing consultant sending us qualifiedprospects for our mountain project in Asheville, North Carolina.Margie is an honest and hardworking woman who knows themeaning of follow through. I wish I could afford to hire Margie fulltime as she is that good! Brad Morris

- Brad Morris
Margie Casey

Margie comes with my highest recommendation as a "delivers aspromised" person of integrity. I respect her for her quality "on and off the field." Believe me, you want Margie on your team!

- Joe Dellinger
Margie Casey

Thanks Margie. You've gone above and beyond the call of duty! This is great information. I'm going to recommend your site to my friends.

- CF
Margie Casey

We are enjoying access to your info and personal feedback. You are a great resource, especially for those like us who live in the Northeast.

- BB
Margie Casey

Your comments seem accurate, given our personal reconnaissance. I would like to better understand if ABC's tepid rate of development is purely an effect of the recession….or if there are other contributing factors? We love what we can see….but wonder at the rest.

- SF
Margie Casey

We are really proud of this and thankful for our association with you and Real Estate Scorecard.

- Chris England
Margie Casey

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you I think your Real Estate Scorecard is a great idea and to thank you for placing us with some wonderful communities on Coastal South Carolina. I believe your business will do well. I had to laugh about your mention of talking about developments during dinner. This has been the centerpiece of our family dinner conversation, much to my wife and mothers dismay, for many years.

- Robert Gallant
Margie Casey

We appreciate that your site includes community scores from our actual members.  The Reserve has always been about family, and no one knows that better than our members.  We look forward to helping your clients visit and experience Lake Keowee!

- Mike Agee
Margie Casey

After looking at your web site, I just wanted to comment to you on both your appeal and format.  It is nice to see a straightforward, no fluff kind of presentation in this world of hype and assaulting of the senses.  It was nice meeting your family and getting a sense of your personal as well as business life on your site.

- Steve Koenig
Margie Casey

I'm thrilled that Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club has been named 2014 Bliss Award Winner for Best Florida Community of the Year. Thank you for the wonderful recognition. To be given such a great evaluation base on an anonymous tour of Miromar Lakes is the best type of award to receive.

- Margaret Antonier
Margie Casey

You guys are great thank you, your recommendation has already contacted me!

Margie Casey

Dear Margie, How is it your more helpful online then anyone I speak too?...Thank you and keep in touch. You might not know it but you give me hope for a resolution to the problem I face.

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